Step By Step Guide to sewing a Fidget Muff for someone with Dementia

You will need

  • Two squares of fabric 45cm x 45cms -You can use any fabric you like but the lining fabric inside the muff is better if it's soft. I usually use velboa or fleece

  • Some fidget items - This can be anything as long as it's safe and you can firmly fix it to the fabric. Buttons, ribbons, felt shapes, beads, even old jewellery can be attached with some ribbon or cord.


  • A sewing machine, scissors, cotton, pins or clips - You can hand sew these but you might need to double stitch everything as the fidgets and the seams get tugged on a lot. 

This is the fabric I have chosen and cut to 45cm x 45cm

Top Tip

Choose something that the person you are making it for will like. If they like cars pick something with cars on etc. They will engage with it so much more and it may bring back some happy memories for them.


And these are a few fidget items I have used on some of my products


Ok then. You have your stuff. Let's get to it.


Place the fabric that will be on the outside of the muff pattern side up and layout your fidgets in the centre. You need to leave about 10cm at the top, sides and bottom free. This will make room for the rolled edge and underside of the muff. Pin the fidgets in place then sew them on securely. 

step-2- dementia- sewing tutorial


Place your lining fabric soft side down on top of your square with the fidgets on.


Pin down the left and right sides. Sew a seam about 1cm from the edge down both sides. 


Turn it through to look like this

This is where it gets a bit tricky 


Fold the fabric in half so that all the open edges are together at the bottom. You will now have four layers of fabric stacked on top of each other.


Pin together the two middle layers together (this is the fabric you chose for the outside of the muff). Leave the top and bottom layers loose (this is the lining fabric)

pull-lining over-the-top


Now pull the top layer of fabric over the middle layers to meet the other layer of lining fabric at the back.


pin- where-seams-meet

 Smooth it flat so that all your open edges are in line with each other. Your lining and your outer fabrics should now both be right sides together. Pin the two layers of lining together and the two layers of outer fabric together.





Sew together the edges starting with the lining about 15cm before it meets the outer fabric. Continue sewing around until you are about 10cm from where you started. Leave a gap here to turn your muff through.



pull the fabric through


Pull the fabric through the gap you left in the seam. Once you can see the soft side of the lining push the rest of the fabric inside the gap and pull it into place so that you have a muff with the fidgets on the inside.


insert labels

Pin together the gap in the lining and sew a seam as close to the edge as you can. If you want to include labels you can insert them in the seam here before you sew it up.


turn it through


Turn it through and you will have your very own version of this. Now we just have a final finishing touch.

fold over the edges

Fold over the edges so that about an inch of the lining is showing. If you have any ruffles in the fabric smooth them out and push them under the cuffs then pin it in place.


Sew a seam all around the inside edge of both cuffs. You will find it easier to do this if you remove the flatbed from your machine.




And there it is all done. I don't add any padding to these so that they can also be worn as a sleeve just like the knitted versions. It also makes them easier to handle and rest on the lap. I really hope you have enjoyed creating your dementia hand muff and it brings lots of joy to the person you made It for 


I would love to know how you have got on with this tutorial and see your makes. Please add your comments or questions below and follow me on Instagram Facebook or both. 

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