Welcome to my Blog

I'm so glad you found me.

I worked with people with Dementia for 20 years and also have a parent with Dementia. Over the years I have learned so much about Dementia and how to cope as a carer. I would love to share some of this with you all and also learn from your experiences if you want to share.

Sadly 8 years ago  I had to give up my job in care. Family commitments meant I needed to be at home more. It was then I began making sensory fidget cushions and soon after opened Say It With Cushions.

I consider myself so privileged to be able to help people with Dementia and other Special Needs find some comfort and Joy through my products and still be at home for my family. Plus I get to spend several hours a day on my sewing machine. Any sewists out there will know how great that is and for you I will add some tutorials here on how to make some sensory fidget products. No one can moan at you for sewing to much when you're helping others!

So I'll be posting

  1. Dementia-related information tips and ideas
  2. Sewing tutorials for my sensory products
  3. Anything helpful dementia-related that you want to share with others but don't want to write your own blog ( I too have shied away from blogging for years)

I would love to hear your comments or questions. Please add comments below.